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We would like to simply Earn Your business. Please give us a call and let's talk about what your needs are buying Or selling an aircraft. Thank you.

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WELCOME TO:                                      INTEGRITY AVIATION LLC

It has always been an honor and a pleasure to serve the customers and clients we have worked with. Should you be Buying, selling, search or needing any help with an aircraft....regardless of what type, we are hear to assist you. While we take this very, very serious, as it is our love for this business and our love for aviation that keeps us here, we believe that God has a plan and we will always stand true to our INTEGRITY of doing the job the right way. We want to EARN your business, NOT TAKE your money. 

SALES AVIATION HUMOR: Sometimes you have to take a little Humor into remembering we are all human beings and well, everyone has to laugh at a tough situation. So here is a little bit of Fun humor from the Sales guy.... Do you know what a "Whistling Gopher" Is..........

A Man walks into the showroom and looks over the airplane and smiles at how pretty it is and then he looks at the salesmen and says " Sooooooooooo ....How much does that their Airplane Gopher? And the proud salesmen tells him the price......And the customer looks at him and just Whistles at the Price Tag...and moves on........That is called a "Whistling Gopher"........!


In the event that you would like to know about any of our aircraft, or are looking to purchase  a specific aircraft or sell an aircraft, please understand the following. First, there are 3 numbers that count. One is the retail market value, Second is the Wholesale market value and the Third is what the market will Bare in a Bullish sellers or Buyers market.  All aircraft are NOT alike, while you see several and the prices range differently, there is a reason for that, which takes research and homework to figure out. What is HOT verses what is NOT is not defined by anyone person, so if you find a plane you are interested in, the chance of someone else looking at it also is high, so be prepared to make an offer if it is what you are wanting.....Low Balling someone is an insult. If someone wants to offer 10,000. less for a plane, don't expect the seller to take it. You have to find a mutually agreed price, based on the FACTS of the plane, not the first impressions. Pictures are nice, pre-buys are factual.....Bluebook and V-REF Numbers are based on different sources. Bluebook goes by the amount of aircraft sold and the costs each plane sells for while V-REF is a bank drive-in resource, prices are usually lower than Bluebook....Avionics- While you will find  New Avionics becoming all the Rage, basic facts about a plane like the airframe and engine times, complete logs, No damage all speak volumes for an aircraft.... And finally it comes down to Who you are dealing with. While everyone has a comfort level. Honesty is the best policy, at least to us. So we let the aircraft speak for themselves and many times we can find buyers and sellers based on what there wish list is and there required needs are. All of which comes from having faith and trust in who you are working. Buying an aircraft is not just a Big Deal.........It is a HUGE deal. We understand that, same with selling your plane, that has been your best friend for a long time. We want to make sure things are done correctly. We like to do that One time, The first time. for everyone Concerned in the process. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We at Integrity Aviation LLC are here to assist you.

The Integrity Aviation Blog

We are Now in two places. We are in Florida and also We are in Tennessee. And anywhere in between. The air is clean and the mountains have brought Integrity Aviation LLC all the way to them. We are proud to travel to visit any client and any aircraft that we can sell or help someone purchase. Quality counts, we want to find the quality in the aircraft clients and the planes we work with. When you think about it. Don't you want to work with a company that gives you all you want when it comes to honesty, knowledge and Integrity in know that you are going to get exactly what you are looking for. We strive to make every client happy. We have partners in the business that we believe are awesome. Not because they have worked with us for some many years but because they know we believe in the teamwork that has given our clients the reasons to refer other buyers to us. We have worked with Flight schools, maintenance shops, mechanics, FBOs and other dealers and brokers who Care about this business as much as we do. We work with Banks on appraisals and aircraft loans. We partner with specific Title companies Like : Insure Title Aircraft company,  one of the very best title companies in the business.  The reason is simply. We want to do the sale One Time.  So the closing process is always right. Right down to the penny. 

Our company is family owned. We have the salesman, myself, Vincent Polden and we have the inside office manager, Pepper. While enough credit never goes to the people we rarely see or talk too. I can tell you that it is a gift to have someone that works so hard and is always on the ball. Pepper truly is the part of the business that keeps the ball on it track. Integrity Aviation LLC is a wonderful company to work with. We appreciate every customer. 

Recent Testimonial from our last Buyer..

Vince is an exceptional airplane broker who knows the business.  I flew in the military and rented from flying clubs but never owned my own plane.  I wanted to buy one but it felt worse than buying a house.  Sure enough, I found out very quickly that finding the right plane at the right price in this super competitive market is really tough.  On top of that, unless you know the ins and outs of buying a plane you can get in over your head very quickly in terms of time and money wasted.  That's when I hired Vince.  

When all was said and done, I learned how to buy a plane from Vince.  He explained each step of the way from hard earned experience.  He got me in the plane that I wanted, not the one that he wanted me to buy.  Before even showing me available planes Vince took the time to make sure that I knew what make and model was right for me. 

  How about dedication to his customer?  Vince drove across four states to check out a plane for me on Thanksgiving Day.  

Once I had the perfect 1965 Mooney M20E in my sights we flew to Phoenix to check it out.  Vince handled the contract, pre-buy, arranged for the title search, escrow, and all of the other admin to make the experience as smooth as possible for me.  Well, I'm happy to say that I'm the proud owner of that Mooney and happy to have Vince as a dear friend.

-Rich P.


We are always looking at aircraft. don't see something you need...CALL US.

Their are hundreds of different types of aircraft. At times we might be selling a Cessna 150 or we could be selling a TBM or a Citation. We talk to a lot of dealers, brokers and clients looking to sell Or buy. So if you are in the hunt for a plane. Just reach out and lets have a phone conversation about what you want, need or are thinking in the aviation world.....We Never Close. 727-420-6029

Cessna Cardinal

N3427T    1968  Cessna Cardinal

 68 Cessna Cardinal. 1919-TTSN, VFR, ADS-B, GARMIN NAV/COM, 2ND COM, LORAN, VOR, Terra Transponder. VG'S and a STOL Kit 

N3427T     Cessna Cardinal Panel

Cessna Cardinal N3427T panel. It is an original interior and the panel is basic. it has a pilot side push to talk, ADF is removed. Two place intercom. EGT Gage, suction gage. Has wheel fairings.  Paint is in good shape, she's a good looking plane, needs a good home to upgrade her....Call for price. 


This is a beautiful aircraft that needs a new home. It will not be on the market long. Please take a hard look and let us know what you think. What are you looking for??

                1972 King Air C90 – N53EC  SN L J 552

                11,900 TT    5100/4950 SOH - 1250 SHOT (L&R)

                1190/697 SPOH  (2006 & 2011)

                Garmin GNS 430 N/C, GPS  WAAS

                Garmin  255 N/C

                GMA -340 Audio

                GTX- 330 w ADSB out

                 HSI  (L & R)

                 Garmin 496 

                  IPAD XM Weather

                  STEC 65 Auto-Pilot

                  6 Year Gear and Wing Bolts  (2019)

                   Fresh Annual  (April 1, 2022)  Part 91

                   Paint & Interior  (6)

                   Ram Air Recovery

                   Note: Missing Logs between 1994-2005


1972 C90

C90 rear facing

She is clean and in fairly good condition. Ready for a new home

C90 forward facingshe 

This is one of the most versatile King-Air's the ever made. Its a truck with 2 Turbine engines on it..!!Fa

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