Integrity Aviation LLC

December 11, 2019

By Vincent Polden

The Year of 2020 Had started off very interestingly. Now COVID-19 has come and kicked us All in the wallet. However things to consider are our future investments and sales. I often wonder who came up with the Corona Virus Name. Boy that had to hurt that beer sales department. Wow....So now we are at the hopeful end of the virus for now. I am sure we have Not seen the last of it however, we need to find a cure, we all need to be strong and have faith in God that we will all get through this. Our business in the aviation sales side, like everyone else's has slowed down to a slow pace. BUT.........We remain strong in our beliefs that This too shall pass and the good times will return to the market. That being stated, what is the market doing? Jet sales are robust. Why? because everyone wants to fly in there own plane and get there fast. Without the COVID-19 mask on their faces. Yes while we all face this strange new pandemic, some of us prefer the old hand shake, the ole looking at someone's face and the ole smile from a firmilar face. I know I do. The elbow rub does not do it for me, but I like us all have to conform for the time being. That brings me to the novel Idea of The Phone call. Now I will be the first to Admit, I text alot. I don't do Twitter, I don't do snap chat or other places. I would like to try doing a Facebook for the company, as I have many different groups on facebook for Aircraft under my name. I would always welcome feed back from anyone who has had "Positive" Results with what they have experienced in any of those cases. I started this Blog as a thought from a friend and business client/partner who say this is where I needed to take it. So here we are. While the year progresses I hope the the end of the year turns out more fruitful that the 2nd quarter becuase it has.........As for All of us, been very challenging. Happy and safe flying to everyone..!