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We would like to simply Earn Your business. Please give us a call and let's talk about what your needs are buying Or selling an aircraft. Thank you.

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When looking for someone, reputation speaks volumes, Please review  Below, our " Required to Do Business"  for selling or buying any aircraft through Integrity Aviation LLC. Thank you 

Being an aircraft brokerage, we ask for simple co-operations from our clients, so we can sell or buy aircraft 

REQUIRED TO DO BUSINESS.  :  You would need to sign either a listing agreement or a procurement agreement. There is a FEE of 6% on each aircraft as agreed by all parties Unless otherwise agreed due to  unusual situations. We will need to list the plane for 90-120 days from the day of the aircraft being taken on consignment.  We require ALL aircraft to be legally flying and in annual so that the aircraft can be properly shown and demo'd. Finally we require aircraft to have copies of the logs made available for clients to review, when we are showing the aircraft. Advertising costs can be required to be paid by the seller,  if the aircraft does not sell because of lack of interest in the market place after 45 days.

 The internet does NOT sell aircraft. People Sell aircraft, brokers sell aircraft. If you want a cheap way of selling your plane, try Ebay or Someplace that will provide you will low ball offers. If you want a company that sells aircraft for a living, that knows the retail market and that cares about you and your aircraft, as well as the value of it. Let's Talk...

The COST of doing business. Recently we heard someone say " It's the cost of doing business" while using free advertising from us and then selling the plane out- side of our knowledge. Sad to say people like this "exist". We require a signed agreement to sell the aircraft we broker, Period. We do not work for free!

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Example Intro Text

1981 Piper Aztec F

This Aztec has One heck of a nice panel, full de-ice including ice plate, a Garmin 696 mounted on the pilots and ADS-B.

The has been home in New Mexico for most of its life, Clean and ready. This is owned privately by a very delightful Professional Older pilot. You have to see it to appreciate this aircraft.


Pilots side of the panel with a Garmin 696 mounted

Garmin stack in your reach!

Very clean panel all the way accross..

Looking down you see a clean floor and everything where it should be..

This interior on this Aztec is in extremely Great condition..Must See It..

An overhead view over the awesome touches on work

A really clean overhead and seats that are very clean and in great condition 

plush comfy front seats for that long flight to Anyway..

You get the immediate feel of wanting to get control of this plane with a panel like this. Ready to Go..!


Badd Ass Mooney

1980 Mooney M20k- 2460 TTSN, 185-SMOH, PRO-185, ANN-11/19, PA-200A, DYNON-ADHARS-10', DYNON-D10A EFIS, AVIDYNE- IFD550-FMS, GPS, NAV/COM, AVIDYNE ADS-B XPDR, MVP-50 Digital Fuel flow &engine monitoring system, AOA-angle of attack. IPAD with foreflight panel mount..

Badest Mooney on the Planet....

This is a 1979 Mooney M20K loaded with Avionics.

You want Updated Glass...You got it.

You want Plush leather interior..Here you Go.

You want a sports car feel the is Bad Ass...Sit in the Plane..!

Example Intro Text

1958 Cessna 182A

  3800 TTSN, 470-SMOH ( Factory overhauled O470 Engine and Prop) Kx-155 NAV/COM, JPI,  ADF,  Northstar Loran, Transponder, Good Glass, great interior, some minor surface issues noted, Flies great, looks great, ready to Go. 56,900.00

1958 cessna  182..........Hangered, Complete logs.....very nice ....56,900.00

1958 Cessna 182 ...$56,900.00

Really clean interior

Good working older radios

Auto pilot also

Can you say STOH

1971 CESSNA 172L

   8963-TTSH, 59 HRS- SMOH (Penn Yann 180hp Conversion) Garmin GX RADIO, Narco ILS/LOC, ICOM Com radio, ADS-B Out, KT-76 Transponder, New INTERIOR, Carpet, Glass and tires, New fuel sending units and fuel lines both Left and Right, New clumps and hoses and hardware, Steps and Handles. She was a Banner Tower which is why the high time-Not a trainer. A really Nice Plane. Must see to appreciate. 62,000.00

1971 Cessna 172L Skyhawk

Really clean new interior

Great Glass and roomy back seats


64-Twin Co

1.       ” TTSN-2842, TSMOH 1273.3 & 1273 L & R Eng. Both Props- 597.9 L & R Props. AVIONICS: Audio panel, Dual KX-155’s, Narco HSI. Century 2000 A/P, Storm-scope, RDR- Radar B&W, DMI, CHT, Electric Trim, Avionics Master, Ryan TCAD, Digital Fuel Flow, Loran, ADF, G/S, Pulse Lights, Radar Alt. KT-76 XPDR. Interior- Airtex- White Cream as of 1996, Exterior New white Base Paint as of 2018.  TOO many MODs to list, Call or Email us for them, This Plane is older but it has got about every MOD they made back then. Based in Dry country. 79,000.00 AS IS OR 82,000.00 with Ann. done.

1964 Piper Twin Comanche with a Full Panel and Mods

This is a fully stacked panel

Has everything you need 

Fast and loaded with older Bells and whistles 

Citation 500

An Original Citation 500

These are One of the best and oldest model Cessna Citations to be found. Easy to Fly, easy to maintain and economical for the right situation ..Take a Look

Cessna 500 Citation Ready to Go

How about a Nice 500

Ready to go to work Panel

Very Clean seats

Interior is very nice.

N3427T- 1968-Cardinal...S# "007"69 License to Thrill..!!

This is a unique  Cardinal. Newer paint, original green 68 interior, The plane is getting ADS-B, has basic radios. The logs are missing from 82 back..150HP has VG's and  it is out in UTAH. We are waiting to get it back to Florida. While some will Pass on this one...We will be open to discussing interest in this plane. Everyone loves a Cardinal and this one is sure going to be a great topic. Cardinals are One of the neatest planes out there..We will be putting this one up for sale Soon after we get it where it is ready to be seen and appreciated for the Cardinal it is........007 status after all IS Not for everyone....But is sure is a great conversation piece...License the Thrill 00769...

Coming Soon

1968 Cardinal

We are waiting for this one to come in, 68 Cardinal with a STOL Kit. Not a Florida Plane. Has a really Nice paint job and will be getting some updates.. EVERYONE Loves a CARDINAL.!!!

Serial # 00769..Has its own license to Thrill...

Oldie But a Goody

A workhorse Cessna 175

She ain't Pretty......She my Brother...58-Cessna 175 with Very Low total time airframe and Engine overhauled. Fresh Extensive annual done. Looks to be original. Has some dings and flaws but this Plane wants to GO....Runs like it's New..!!

Total time under 2300 and the overhaul has 130 hrs on it. Prop is in good condition. VFR bird with an icom radio, xpdr, intercom. Basic but that's ALL YOU NEED..!


Overhead panel is intact and not torn up.

The panel looks old and has some spaces from Older removed items like and ADF and an older 50's Nav/Com. 

The front seats are in good condition. They are NOT torn, they look original though.

The back seat is in good condition and other than looking to be original, it does the job.