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Thank you for visiting Our website.! We appreciate it very much. Times are a changing in this business, we are changing with it. The COVID-19 has altered everyone's situation and there thinking. We are here to work with those who still want to buy and sell. We simply want to earn the business from you and offer good service. So while you look over our inventory, think about contacting us and telling us about what you need, want and or are selling. We would genuinely like to be part of that sale.! If WE don't sell, we don't eat. That is what aviation sales is all about.! 

Humor: Sometimes you have to take a little Humor into remembering we are all human beings and well, everyone has to laugh at a tough situation. So here is a little bit of Fun humor from the Sales guy.... Do you know what a "Whistling Gopher" Is..........

A Man walks into the showroom and looks over the airplane and smiles at how pretty it is and then he looks at the salesmen and says " Sooooooooooo ....How much does that their Airplane Gopher? And the proud salesmen tells him the price......And the customer looks at him and just Whistles at the Price Tag...and moves on........That is called a "Whistling Gopher"........!


In the event that you would like to know about any of our aircraft, or are looking to purchase  a specific aircraft or sell an aircraft, please understand the following. First, there are 3 numbers that count. One is the retail market value, Second is the Wholesale market value and the Third is what the market will Bare in a Bullish sellers or Buyers market.  All aircraft are NOT alike, while you see several and the prices range differently, there is a reason for that, which takes research and homework to figure out. What is HOT verses what is NOT is not defined by anyone person, so if you find a plane you are interested in, the chance of someone else looking at it also is high, so be prepared to make an offer if it is what you are wanting.....Low Balling someone is an insult. If someone wants to offer 10,000. less for a plane, don't expect the seller to take it. You have to find a mutually agreed price, based on the FACTS of the plane, not the first impressions. Pictures are nice, pre-buys are factual.....Bluebook and V-REF Numbers are based on different sources. Bluebook goes by the amount of aircraft sold and the costs each plane sells for while V-REF is a bank drive-in resource, prices are usually lower than Bluebook....Avionics- While you will find  New Avionics becoming all the Rage, basic facts about a plane like the airframe and engine times, complete logs, No damage all speak volumes for an aircraft.... And finally it comes down to Who you are dealing with. While everyone has a comfort level. Honesty is the best policy, at least to us. So we let the aircraft speak for themselves and many times we can find buyers and sellers based on what there wish list is and there required needs are. All of which comes from having faith and trust in who you are working. Buying an aircraft is not just a Big Deal.........It is a HUGE deal. We understand that, same with selling your plane, that has been your best friend for a long time. We want to make sure things are done correctly. We like to do that One time, The first time. for everyone Concerned in the process. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We at Integrity Aviation LLC are here to assist you.

We can OFFER demo flights, check out training, Intial aircraft training, mentoring and health flights for aircraft not flying enough, as well as Ferry flights and aircraft delivery to your Airport by Qualified CFI's and IFR, ATP pilots. Just ask Us.

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The Year of 2020 Had started off very interestingly. Now COVID-19 has come and kicked us All in the wallet. However things to consider are our future investments and sales. I…

This is a 2014 Czech Sports Cruiser. This plane is Loaded with every option available. The plane and the panel are in Amazing condition with on 195-hr Total time since New, always hangered and One owner.! It is a LIKE NEW aircraft for Only $125,000


2014 Czech

This plane is amazing in the fact that it only has 195 hrs. Total time on it. The plane is really a Head Turner. Sleek, shiny and beautiful...Looks fast sitting there.

Super Clean inside

Absolutely Stunning Interior

This is a like New Interior, Not a scratch anywhere. Looks perfect and comfy!

Passenger Side is perfect. 

The seats, the seat-belt harness's the Floor and the side panel's are Perfect!

Hanger Babe

Additional items

Upgraded Dynon Touch screen, upgraded Seat Backs, Bose Headset Jacks, (2) Dynon Modules, Quick Drain, Custom Tail Number, Garmin 796 upgrade, Michelin Tubes AND....An Auto Pilot Panel Buttons 

2014 Czech Sport Cruiser LSA in Mint Condition. One Ower! All the options!

This paint shines like New

The floor area is great

The canopy is not scratched

You could Eat off the bottom of the planes belly

Head Turner - this 2014 Czech, One Owner Low TTSN

You think this is Pretty..........Come see it for Real and You will WANT IT!!

The plane is really well kept and she is ready to go Fly...Come Fly Me..Home.!

 Something to be Proud Of

The owners of this aircraft are perfect examples of people who take pride in ownership of there aircraft. You would find a more perfect aircraft of this year anywhere. The plane is one of the nicest on the market Today. Never a Trainer.

1978 Piper " Sparrowhawk" Conversion with 10 hrs on it.

low, low total time, lower engine time since 125hp eng.

This plane has less than 2000 hrs Total Time and Less than 10 hours on a Don George overhaul. That Means........Fly FLY.......FLY..........!!!!!!! 

This has just about all you would need to fly anywhere.

Stratus 2 internal hook up that gives you ADS-B IN  and Traffic Watch, , Airtex ELT, PS-Engineering Intercom, 250XL, MX-170C, Engine monitoring, Data recorder, I-Fly GPS, strobes and Bruce's Aircraft cover, New..!!!!

This is a super fun way to get around, Tomahawk with a 125hp..Jumps off the ground.

Very nice paint.

really good glass

loved and hangered

Engine is very very new and clean.

Clean....Ready for a new ower.

interior seats

NO ripes or tears in this interior

back is in great condition also.

back is clean and plastic is not cracked 

1967 Piper Arrow

This paint is less than 3 years old. The plane has always been hangered, the same owner since 1993. Has some very Nice New Avionics, complete logs and great times..

 4084 Total times Airframe, Since Factory Overhaul, 185-SMOH, NDH, ADS-B, Complete logs 

 SOLD !!!!

See other images and info



You have to see this plane to appreciate it. The paint is really very nice. Stripped and painted professionally.


You can tell she is a very Loved and appreciated aircraft. Take a look up close, go for a flight and fall for this baby..!!

Everything you want or would need in a very sweet Arrow.!

Complete Panel

Avionics include" Trig TMA45 Superior Audio Panel, Excellent audio, Stereo music, mobile connectivity with bluetooth. Trig TT31 Transponder includes Class 1 Mode S 1090.  Trig TN70 WAAS GPS reciever and Antenna Delivers ADS-B  Also New- Integrated intercom with Yoke ush to talk switch and avionics master. 

Clean and neat 

Other fine points on the plane are: Garmin GDL-69, Pier Auto control IIIB A/P. Tanis heater, Airtex interior, Annual done 3/2020, Spar Examined 01/19,

These are additional photos of the panel You can see the Sky Blue which was the older paint color. This aircraft was striped and painted and is very pretty.

Toe brakes on left side. Not a trainer

Auto pilot. Note the blue is what she use to look like. 

Side panels are clean.

Bottom is clean and pretty.

Very clean and very relaxing interior

Clean interior

Interior is Clean and a cream yellow with a Tan backing and side panel. 

Front seats 

The seats are older however in very good condition. She is well kept. very comfortable. 

known de-icing, 

1981 Piper Turbo Aztec F

TTSN-3788/ Left-ZERO-SMOH/Right-1192-SMOH,PROPS-1530/1225 Both Due O/H, Audio Panel, GNS-530/430 WAAS, EX600 MFD, RDR-160 Color, TAS-620 Traffic, KFC-200 A/P w/ GPSS Roll steering. XM stereo, GLD-69A, GTX-330 XPDR, T.I.S. ON 530, KT-76A....Asking 200,000.00

Annual being done 3/2020. left Engine being Overhauled To ZERO Hrs..Call for updated Price.

Pilots side of the panel with a Garmin 696 mounted

Garmin stack in your reach!

Very clean panel all the way accross..

Looking down you see a clean floor and everything where it should be..

This interior on this Aztec is in extremely Great condition..Must See It..

An overhead view over the awesome touches on work

A really clean overhead and seats that are very clean and in great condition 

plush comfy front seats for that long flight to Anyway..

You get the immediate feel of wanting to get control of this plane with a panel like this. Ready to Go..!

hangered aircraft

1958 Cessna 182A

  3800 TTSN, 470-SMOH ( Factory overhauled O470 Engine and Prop) Kx-155 NAV/COM, JPI,  ADF,  Northstar Loran, Transponder, Good Glass, great interior, some minor surface issues noted, Flies great, looks great, ready to Go. was  NOW  49,000.00

1958 cessna  182..........Hangered, Complete logs.....very nice ...price is 49,000.-00

1958 Cessna 182 ...$56,900.00

Really clean interior

Good working older radios

Auto pilot also

Can you say STOL

1971 CESSNA 172L

   8963-TTSH, 59 HRS- SMOH (Penn Yann 180hp Conversion) Garmin GX RADIO, Narco ILS/LOC, ICOM Com radio, ADS-B Out, KT-76 Transponder, New INTERIOR, Carpet, Glass and tires, New fuel sending units and fuel lines both Left and Right, New clumps and hoses and hardware, Steps and Handles. She was a Banner Tower which is why the high time-Not a trainer. A really Nice Plane. Must see to appreciate. Call for Price

1971 Cessna 172L Skyhawk

Really clean new interior

Great Glass and roomy back seats


64-Twin Co

1.       ” TTSN-2842, TSMOH 1273.3 & 1273 L & R Eng. Both Props- 597.9 L & R Props. AVIONICS: Audio panel, Dual KX-155’s, Narco HSI. Century 2000 A/P, Storm-scope, RDR- Radar B&W, DMI, CHT, Electric Trim, Avionics Master, Ryan TCAD, Digital Fuel Flow, Loran, ADF, G/S, Pulse Lights, Radar Alt. KT-76 XPDR. Interior- Airtex- White Cream as of 1996, Exterior New white Base Paint as of 2018.  TOO many MODs to list, Call or Email us for them, This Plane is older but it has got about every MOD they made back then. Based in Dry country. 79,000.00 AS IS OR 82,000.00 with Ann. done.

1964 Piper Twin Comanche with a Full Panel and Mods

This is a fully stacked panel

Has everything you need 

Fast and loaded with older Bells and whistles 

Citation 500

An Original Citation 500

These are One of the best and oldest model Cessna Citations to be found. Easy to Fly, easy to maintain and economical for the right situation ..Take a Look

Cessna 500 Citation Ready to Go

How about a Nice 500

Ready to go to work Panel

Very Clean seats

Interior is very nice.

 PIPER COLT / Shortwing / Dry country / Beauty / SOLD

very very nice Piper Colt for a great price

The owner is selling because he has too many project and Not enough Time. She needs a good home. Priced right to sell Fast

 Gotta see this one up close. 

This Piper Colt struck me as impressive the minute I saw her. Ready to fly

This Ole gal just needs a really nice home to fly too. 

This interior is very well kept

Total time on the plane

Panel has basic VFR radio, Xpdr, no ADS-B.

She is hangered and in A Dry place.